Hobby Factory: The brood grows

More progress has been made on the Tyranid colour scheme, continuing with painting more Termagant brood members. A reminder about the colour scheme test model: The self-styled poison dart frog pattern is still on the agenda, the difference with the other brood members is that I did not blend the midnight blue to hawk turquoise…

Cool Stuff: 40K Voice Demos

If you’re creating a video, music or a podcast, this might come in handy. Copyright of the audio to the artist known as magneticemu and the original script to Relic Entertainment. Related posts:11th Company: Episode 67: Tactics, Tactics, Questions, and More TacticsA week in Podcasts: 6-13 May 2011WH Gateway Podcast Episode 0: Start from the…


GW Site issues

Does GW have a new website host? This is the first time I’ve seen this timeout error:   Hopefully they fix it soon


Cool Stuff: How to make battle reports video

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Tabletop Gaming over at have posted about How to Make Battle Reports, primarily using MovieMaker (Apple). The original post is and video below: Related posts:Bat Rep: Orks vs Tau 23 Dec 11Bat Rep: DE vs Orks 15 Jan 12Battle Report: IG vs IG 1850pts 4 May 2012