Hobby Factory: WIP Tervigons

Following on from “The Bag” post, I’ve cleaned up and sorted the bits from both bags: What are we looking at? Tervigon/Tyrannofex! I’ll be magnetising these babies so that I can switch between a spawning list as Tervigons to instead use them as Tyrannofex models. Despite the number of bits you can see (and don’t…


Hobby Factory: Stripping

Today I’m going to talk about stripping. Ok the title of this post is kinda, a little, teensy, weensy bit provocative on purpose I’m talking about paint stripping of course… (don’t know what you were thinking :P). In my case, I have a mixture of some atrociously painted models (my earliest attempts at painting) and…


Hobby Factory: The brood grows

More progress has been made on the Tyranid colour scheme, continuing with painting more Termagant brood members. A reminder about the colour scheme test model: The self-styled poison dart frog pattern is still on the agenda, the difference with the other brood members is that I did not blend the midnight blue to hawk turquoise…

Cool Stuff: 40K Voice Demos

If you’re creating a video, music or a podcast, this might come in handy. Copyright of the audio to the artist known as magneticemu and the original script to Relic Entertainment. Related posts:The Overlords: Episode 46 – BOGOF it’s Jim SwallowDeepStrike Radio: EPISODE #14 – Werewolves of FenrisA week in Podcasts: 6-13 May 2011