Hobby Factory: Imperial Guard update

Painting is slowly continuing for the Imperial Guard (Astra Militarum). Working solely off my Citadel paint station, I snatch 20-30 mins painting time every now and then. Quick aside: painting in low light leads to very low quality painting for me. Detail is easy to miss e.g. covering areas where colours meet, accidentally touch adjoining…


What’s been happening? Why no updates? Well, babies will do that. Or so I’ve heard 😛 Hopefully some updates on hobby soon and perhaps a surprise.


Hobby Factory: WIP Tervigons

Following on from “The Bag” post, I’ve cleaned up and sorted the bits from both bags: What are we looking at? Tervigon/Tyrannofex! I’ll be magnetising these babies so that I can switch between a spawning list as Tervigons to instead use them as Tyrannofex models. Despite the number of bits you can see (and don’t…


Hobby Factory: Stripping

Today I’m going to talk about stripping. Ok the title of this post is kinda, a little, teensy, weensy bit provocative on purpose 🙂 I’m talking about paint stripping of course… (don’t know what you were thinking :P). In my case, I have a mixture of some atrociously painted models (my earliest attempts at painting)…


Hobby Factory: The brood grows

More progress has been made on the Tyranid colour scheme, continuing with painting more Termagant brood members. A reminder about the colour scheme test model: The self-styled poison dart frog pattern is still on the agenda, the difference with the other brood members is that I did not blend the midnight blue to hawk turquoise…

Cool Stuff: 40K Voice Demos

If you’re creating a video, music or a podcast, this might come in handy. Copyright of the audio to the artist known as magneticemu and the original script to Relic Entertainment. Related posts:DeepStrike Radio: EPISODE #14 – Werewolves of FenrisA week in Podcasts: 6-13 May 2011Cool Stuff: 40K Kill Team Rap