Review: Witchfate Tor, Tower of Sorcery

I went to GW Sydney (aka the Battle Bunker) and was just missed out on taking some photos of the Golden Demon winners for this year… suxors… 🙁

Anyway, I caught up with the guys in store and they took me through the new Warhammer scenery ie Witchfate Tor and the Dreadstone Blight. Specifically, Ill talk about the Tower of Sorcery here.

It’s impressive… and makes the older style warhammer fortress look demure

Up close, the interweb pics and mag articles don’t do it justice, its a huge piece of scenery, on the scale of the Fortress of Redemption and Bastions for Warhammer 40K. The way it has been designed is pretty straightforward, but quite smart and its solid to boot.

The parapet is the real “Crowning Glory”… yeah I know you could see the pun coming a mile away, but its the truth in this case, it looks like asaw toothed crown, and gives a real “nasty hardcore edge” to even the lowliest looking models (see goblin archers, empire woodsmen etc).

Looking at the internals, its even worth buying a few and pulling it appart to make smaller watchtowers and keep style buildings. For the pocket conscious, its a real winner as you can get at least 4 pieces of scenery out of the one purchase. I might look into ways of doing that in a future post…hmm…

The product page can be found ont he GW webpage: Witchfate Tor, Tower of Sorcery

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