Review: Dreadstone Blight

Another scenery review looks at the delapitated twin of the Witchfate Tor. Dreadstone Blight has several cool visual features including a Tzeentch door and Wheel of Magic in the centre (with runes to mark each of the winds of magic).

The sheer size of this piece makes it great to fight over, bridging the gap between the much more ubiquitous 40K terrain pieces. So far, GW has a feature article showing the structure being fought over but multiple blocks of infantry and describing some cool in game rules that can be used to set the scene for the battle.

Dreadstone Blight

Able to fit a decent size unit, the Dreadstone Blight features the wheel of magic in it’s centre

For those with better cutting skills that myself, I can see the wheel being cut out and made into a heroic base or even a centre feature for another terrain piece.

The product page can be found ont he GW webpage: Dreadstone Blight