Painting: WIP – Empire Handgunners

In my previous post about what areas on a model to paint first, I talked about some Empire Handgunners I have been painting. If you’re like me, you will think “so show us some pics of these Handgunners!”… so here they are withan explanation of why they look the way they do:

Base washes: Devlan Mud, Red and Black

Base washes: Devlan Mud, Red and Black

The first set shows all 3 models, and the point of these is to show the effects of different base washes. The first is Devlan Mud (a dark brown wash), then Red and the a Black wash.

  • Empire handgunner - 1st goAnother shot with flashAnother shot with flash
  • Finally, here is the complete model. The points to note:
    1. The cap was originally going to be leather, however I’ve changed to the same colour as the shirt.
    2. I had to go over the sleeve creases with red gore as the red wash isn’t deep enough.
    3. The skin is bronzed flesh (old colour), with 50:50 bleached bone: dark flesh highlight.
    4. The grain effect for the handgun is a special “spread bristle” technique.

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