40K Tactica: Attack/Defence in Depth (an example)

In the Beginning…

When I started playing 40K, it wasn’t immediately obvious how the different parts (units) of the army interact. One (there are many) of the ways the units interact is by backing each other up and acting as additional lines of defense or another attack wave. Some armies, notably horde armies (lots of models) use this tactic exclusively, flooding the target until the objective is achieved. A similar method is effective with non-horde armies too, however there are some key points to note:
1. Due to having fewer or more fragile units, each next wave, or line of defense will need to back up more than one forward unit where possible.
2. Non-horde armies rarely have 100% identical units that perform different roles, this needs to be taken into consideration.
3. The special abilities of each wave/line needs to be focused on the best Target for maximum effect.

Let’s take a look at an example using Battle Scribe(tm):

Deployment: Deployment of Squads on table to represent lines of defence/offence. Army A represents the "in Depth" approach.

Step 1: Army A goes first A tactic that works well for Space Marine armies is to have Squad 1 rapid fire (at Squad A) and Squad 2 long range fire (at Squad B). This is favoured where the leadership of the enemy squads is average or less (7 or less) and has a decent chances of causing one of the units to fall back. if this happens, only 1 of the 2 threats will be left to deal with. If neither enemy squad falls back, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Army B's move Providing Army B's squads are assault oriented, then they will attempt to charge Squad 1. Shooting may take out a number of Squad 1's members. In the assault, Squad 1 may be wiped out or run from combat.

Step 3: Army A's move Squad 1 is now destroyed or falling back and the enemy squads have consolidated. At this point, depending on if Squad 2 is an assault based troop (Space Wolves) or Rapid Fire based troop (reg. SMs, IG, Tau) then they will shoot at the larger of the 2 enemy squads left. Counter Attach squad 1 will then shoot and multiple assault the 2 enemy squads (if they are close to each other).

Step 4:  Repeat
Repeat the process, trying to take ground if required by the Mission or to get into range of the enemy.

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