A week in Podcasts: 6-13 May 2011

Warning: Adult content is present in the following podcasts.

Episode #57 – Grey Matter

from World’s End Radio

  • – Listener “shout-out”: Brian Luren
  • – Privateer Press announces Warmachine Unbound
  • – Dreamforge Games Leviathan Crusader
  • – Unseen Lerker #8 is out
  • – More new Warmachine Warcasters & Jacks for Wrath
  • – Wyrd reveals June Malifaux release models
  • – Massive GW FAQ update
  • – New 40K Codex: Grey Knights Review – Part 1 (55:49)
  • – New 40K Codex: Grey Knights Review – Part 2 (01:48:12)

#50 Tomb Kings

from SeanHammer

“Hey here we are 50 episodes strong and straight from the sands I bring you my review of the long forgotten Tomb Kings.”

D6G Ep 79: True Dungeon Interview & Tech Talk

The News:  1 h 2 min
Tech Talk:  1 h 12 min
Hollywood Minute: 2 hr 5 min
Total Fan Girl: 2 hr 18 min
True Dungeon Interview: 2 hr 39 min

Episode 26

from Life After The Cover Save

“The most hated 40K Podcast has been bringing you the worst 40K content for a whole year now! The guys talk about their hobby endeavors in the last week, Ed goes over using Flash Gitz, and Blake and Josh go toe to toe in preparation for their upcoming event. We also talk about how we love the U.S.A”

Episode 47 – Dean’s Dimension and Competition Crazzzzzzzzzzy

from The Overlords

00:00:00 Welcome to Episode 47 of the The Overlords podcast
00:03:27 40K Gaming News: Bristol Vanguard Event, CJ’s World wargame terrain, Roll Wit It t-shirts
00:32:20 Overlord News: Winner of the 1000 words competition
01:59:19 Sprue peter: Steve’s tips & tricks on Washes
02:11:42 Meatlocker: Heresy Review
02:36:44 Dean’s Dimension: Tyranids
03:37:45 Thanks for listening to us “Rabbit”ing on about our fav hobby, 40K!

All Along the Watchotwer podcast episode 8

00:02:25 – Week In Wargaming
00:14:01 – Gaming News (Dystopian Wars, Tomb Kings)
00:38:18 – Magazine Previews (Wargames Illustrated, White Dwarf)
00:54:38 – Reviews (Catan on XBOX360, A Game of Thrones TV series, Wayland Games, Internet Finds)
01:26:51 – Matt’s ‘special’ mini
01:28:58 – Sign Off

Episode 68: Segments Coming at You Like a Spider Monkey!

from The 11th Company 40K Podcast

“A multitude of segments: 40UK E-mails, Bike Armies Pt 2, Rules Heresy, Short Shrift, CIC, TCP, The List, Community, and more.”

Episode 28: …Weeks Later

from by Jaded Gamer

“28 weeks has passed since the original outbreak of the Jaded Gamer Rage that started this whole podcast… and now that same infection has returned with the posting of the ‘Final’ draft of the ETC Restrictions for fantasy. Listen as Lange and Nathan let their emotions out regarding the heavy handed way in which these rules attempt to police the game. Find out what’s been changed and what has only stayed completely the same. In Higher Learning we talk about the Skaven and just why everyone hates them so much.”

Episode 58 : Filler

from Waaagh Cast!

“For this Episode we have along with our wonderful FLGS sponsors John Gaszak who is the T.O. for Invasion Kenosha 3 support our show. So if you have some time and your looking for a great single day tournament in the Southern Wisconsin or Northern Illinois area check out Invasion Kenosha! Links below! The last couple weeks have been pretty shy on the Warhammer Fantasy news so the only thing we have in the news/rumors section is an interview with Midwest Rampage T.O. Jim Emerick discussing his tournament now in its 6th consecutive year.
For the primary show segment we throw in some filler, literally! We take an in depth discussion on Unit Fillers. What should and shouldn’t be aloud, our thoughts on sizes and design ideas as well as the results from a number of polls that we organized on numerous forums to get public opinion on the matter. While not a necessary or integral part of the hobby this always hotly debated piece is becoming even more prevalent in 8th edition and we’ll discuss why.”

Episode 19 is tellin’ the truth!

From The Eternal Warriors

“This episode is brought to you by Troy from Hawaii. Thanks Troy!
In segment 1, we catch up with what we’ve done since our last show. Included is a discussion of the genesis of 40K from older Black Library fiction to more current novels. Thanks to Ian Watson for writing the Inquisition War omnibus novels and helping to set the stage for Black Library authors in the last 15 years! Also of note is the cool video battle report by The Overlords.
In segment 2, we devote our time to getting back to the roots of tabletop 40K: the fiction. From basing your army on fiction to playing ‘historical’ battles, we help you through the steps needed to play out your favorite fiction. Also included is a walk through of the battle between Dan (Death Korps of Krieg) and Rich (Necrons) and our attempt to recreate the climactic battle from Dead Men Walking by Steve Lyons.
In segment 3, we read a listener’s email and dole out a few more morsels of information before we call it a night.
We thank you for listening and remind you to tell the truth. Someday, someone will fool you as you have fooled someone.”

Episode 25

from Life After The Cover Save

“The boys have two guests on the show this week. Golden Daemon Winner Erik and Big Daddy T. We talk about Eldar Pathfinders, painting tips, and Fantasy Ard Boyz.”

Episode 9 – Tactics again DE, using BT and orks. Then Eldar units overview and loads of hilarious outtakes!

from Interesting Tactics Podcast

“In this episode Steve talks about how he likes to fight Dark Eldar, I talk about Black Templars and Vindicators using the new FAQ. Rob goes over how to use Big Meks to the best of his ability. We also look into how to use Eldar and an overview of the units by the “Eldar Guy” Djinn24 (Larry). We also have an interview with Larry, which he talks about his website www.models-workshop.com. There was a load of laughs before the show began, so I included them at the end. Lots of swearing though! How to contact: interestingtactics@gmail.com interestingtactics.proboards.com Anthony Cerrato – Intro and Outro Music”

Episode 2 – 40KUK is Here to Stay!

from 40KUK

  • Introduction to the Podcast from Dave and our first Shout Out.
  • The Tournament Report – Week 2 from the Throne of Skulls  – 05:45.
  • Interview with Chris Walton – Dave’s 4th round Imperial Guard Opponent – 41:13.
  • The Big Fight – Nathan and Dave battle it out again in the Special Characters Death Arena – 54:14.
  • Operation Codex – Exploring the Tyranid Heavy Support Choices – 1:10:46
  • The Rankings Countdown – A look at the UK’s top players and the armies they use – 1:52:46
  • Interview with the UK’s no1 ranked player: Gaz Jones 2:39:46

The Battlecast Episode 2 – You gotta roll with it!

from The Battlecast

“Random number generators are our topic of this second episode of the BattleCast, with Robey talking at length on the humble d6, its history and usage, and using it to illustrate the mathematics of basic probability theory and the common errors and misconceptions. In the second section he looks at all the other polyhedral random number generators and discusses their various advantages and best uses, before discussing the issue of the card deck and, in particular, how it is used in the Malifaux strategy miniatures game from Wyrd Games.
Coming in episode 3: the anatomy of the game.”

EPISODE #14 – Werewolves of Fenris

from DeepStrike Radio

“News In a Flash (02.06): AWOOOO WEREWOLVES OF FENRIS!!! Dawn of War, Dragon Forge, Secret Weapons and more! The boys dig in to a barrel full of hobby news this week, covering everything from bases to minis and Chase has an Ultra-Rant to bring up the rear!
The Librarius (36.36): This episode the boys are all about the Vika Fenrika! Vikings in space are abound! Leman Russ’ Wolves are running rampant through the ages – Getting in your sorcerous face, kicking your daemons in the nuts and wolves gone wild!
Main Topic (93.46): The tactics of the Rout! Jim and Chase debate Fenrisian Wolves, Chris has some Iron Priest cravings and more! Thunderwolf spam, crotchety old men, and effective list building are the highlights of this main topic, you won’t want to miss it!
The Armoury! (131.09): The crew hands down their Sky Warriors from on high this week! Chase has an elite fetish, Chris can’t get over them Blood Claws and the old-tastic combo of Jim and Bjorn bring back some sanity to round out this week’s armoury!
The Hobby Trenches (170.12): Bringing up the rear is this week’s Hobby Trenches. Our ever lovable hosts discuss modelling options, overstuffed boxes and wash techniques for the Space Pups and of course, all of Jim’s hate for that lovely, lovely Power Blue the Space Wolves are so fond of! Finishing out the episode Chase and the Thunder Chipmunk reveal their secret love affair to cries of outrage!”

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