Article Review: Hobby station setup

Hobby area

All sorts of crazy stuff on my table... maybe some of might find its way into a post one day...

A great little article about how to setup a hobby area (doesn’t include playing the game, just modeling and painting etc).

Some of my basic items for this are:

– Cutting mat

– water jar/cup

– tools include: flat nose cutters, hobby knife (a fairly small blade that is extendable and snaps off in sections), small files, paint pot storage (I use plastic boxes in case of spillage), brushes, old newspaper/notes for putting down when painting.

– lamps for night work (try and buy a “day bulb” as the colours you see will be warmer and there is less difference to natural light

– and of course a table of some kind. I use an old computer table, but anything with 4 legs and a sturdy top is good enough.

And of course, the obligatory photo (inset).


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