Buying Dilemma: Purchase a new army now or not?

This article comes off the back of my previous article Review: My take on the May 2011 announcements by GW with a focus on the effects of the GW price rises and trade term restrictions. My dilemma is whether I should take advantage of the currently lower prices and specials from the likes of Maelstrom Games or Wayland Games or to just wait and purchase the models over time as I’ve done in the past. With the current pricing difference with ordering from OS vs buying at the local GW store being near the 2:1 ratio, the scenario can be summed up by “Do I buy locally and support my local GW store, or do I buy online and get 2 armies for the price of 1?”…

So on to an example to prove the point.

Price difference when buying a sample army (Tau)

So let’s look at my example of what I would buy if I had financial approval# (read: my wife says I can :P). I’ve wanted to start a Tau army for a while now, but promised myself I would put together 90% of my models currently in boxes before starting a new army… but thats a totall different blog entry :).

Here is my Tau wish list:

Codex: Tau Empire
8x Kroot Hounds (2 in a blister/clampack*)
3x Tau Empire Battleforce
1x Tau Ethereal with Hand Weapons
1x Tau Gun Drone Squad
1x Tau Hammerhead Gunship
2x Tau Pathfinders (3 in a blister/clampack*)
1x Tau Pathfinders Shas’Ui
2x Tau Piranha
1x Tau Sky Ray Missile Defence Gunship
1x Tau Sniper Drone Team
2x Tau XV25 Stealth Team (3 in a blister/clampack*)
3x Tau XV88 Broadside Battlesuit
2x Tau XV8 Crisis Battlesuit (For Commander and another Battlesuit)

A note on how I came up with the above list: This list is derived from the army selections I think that work and some items that are chosen particularly because I like the models.

The cost of the above comes to roughly $1,373.00 AUD from GW Australia.

When comparing this to the cost from the online traders, I’m looking at roughly £499.51 (which includes local taxes ie VAT). How much does this come to when converting this to AUD? Answer: about $768.74 at the current exchange rate. When taking away the VAT (about £84.00), the above is around the $645.00 mark. The result of the above values is that the difference comes to over $720.00, which is where I get the 2 for 1 army ratio.

So, let’s look at this scenerio after the price increases and the trade term restrictions come into being. What changes?

Most notably, any metal models will be Citadel Finecast models after the 1 June 11. The prices for these will increase by approx. 20% in Australia. This obviously doesn’t apply to the whole army, but looking at it quickly, it adds approximately $68.00 to the GW price above, with added detail that after 1 June I can’t order online as before for the past savings. The price difference therefore goes up to $788.00 which moves the 2 for 1 army ratio to a 2 for 1 army + another unit differential.

Ultimately, I think my argument is just a bit of a rant because my financial approval# won’t happen and I’m looking at the longer term option anyway… so I better go back to putting together my untouched boxes of models and dreaming about another army… for now … 😀

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* What is a clampack? – It’s the new name for a Citadel Finecast blister pack

# Wife’s approval to spend this amount of cash

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