DeepStrike Radio: EPISODE #14 – Werewolves of Fenris

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News In a Flash (02.06)

AWOOOO WEREWOLVES OF FENRIS!!! Dawn of War, Dragon Forge, Secret Weapons and more! The boys dig in to a barrel full of hobby news this week, covering everything from bases to minis and Chase has an Ultra-Rant to bring up the rear!

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The Librarius (36.36)

This episode the boys are all about the Vika Fenrika! Vikings in space are abound! Leman Russ’ Wolves are running rampant through the ages – Getting in your sorcerous face, kicking your daemons in the nuts and wolves gone wild!

Main Topic (93.46)

The tactics of the Rout! Jim and Chase debate Fenrisian Wolves, Chris has some Iron Priest cravings and more! Thunderwolf spam, crotchety old men, and effective list building are the highlights of this main topic, you won’t want to miss it!

The Armoury! (131.09)

The crew hands down their Sky Warriors from on high this week! Chase has an elite fetish, Chris can’t get over them Blood Claws and the old-tastic combo of Jim and Bjorn bring back some sanity to round out this week’s armoury!

The Hobby Trenches (170.12)

Bringing up the rear is this week’s Hobby Trenches. Our ever lovable hosts discuss modelling options, overstuffed boxes and wash techniques for the Space Pups and of course, all of Jim’s hate for that lovely, lovely Power Blue the Space Wolves are so fond of! Finishing out the episode Chase and the Thunder Chipmunk reveal their secret love affair to cries of outrage!

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