Modelling: Putting together the first Leman Russ

I put together my first Leman Russ over the last few weeks. My real breakthrough came when I came down with the flu at Easter (there are down sides and up sides to everything). I managed to complete the model and even fit in a few “added features” as well.

You see I don’t like putting together a bigger model such as a tank, going to the effort of painting it then realising “Oh, Id really like it to have…” <insert item such as Dozer Blade> and then feel grumpy when I give up trying to convert it then have to repaint it. So in that vein of thought, as I put together the Leman Russ, I included as many of the bits and bobs so that they are removable if I don’t want them. Using pins and other clip-on techniques worked a treat. I’m happy with the result which has a detachable Dozer Blade, Search light and Hunter-killer.

Here are some photos:

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