Russ’s BLOG: Goals and Objectives for 2011

I’ve had a kinda New Years resolution (yeah, its May) from the end of last year to get more into the hobby again. So far, I’ve been doing pretty well. Overall, my top 3 items to achieve this are:

  1. Finish the hobby website: – DONE
  2. Put together at least 90% of my models currently still on sprues – IN PROGRESS
  3. Put together an Army list for each of the armies I have bought models for – IN PROGRESS
  4. Finally, the paint the models for the above Army lists – Not started

For No. 1, thats a no brainer if you are reading this from the website. Essentially, I had the shell of the site, but it needed to be finalised with some additional widgets and links to connect back into the wider hobby community. I’ve also contacted a number of the websites that I have posted on or have purchased items from, to let them know what we are about.

No. 2 is all about converting all of those boxes and sprues into models I can use. Sometimes, I’ve felt like taking out my IG, but without some of the key models (tanks mostly) put together, it would leave me taking an all infrantry force. I like to think I’m a balanced guy, so without them I feel that each of the elements of the army wouldn’t be represented. I’ll go into what I’ve achieved for No. 2 in separate articles.

The great thing is that I have been fitting No. 3 into my daily work routine, ie while Im on the train commuting to work. I take my codex/rulebook with me and just read up on them and come up with a draft list based on the fluff and what I think would suit my play style. Then I dig into the forums and find comp. lists that I think look OK and adjust accordingly. This way I get a mid-way between the full fluffy “I like the models, rules etc” and the “Take all the most killy stuff just to win” type of army lists. I find I enjoy the battles more with this in mind.

No. 4 is too much to fit on my already huge plate. So, I’ll leave this as an extension goal.

It will be interesting to see how much I complete by the end of the year.