Support for: MiniWarGaming, An Open (Video) Letter to Games Workshop has posted a video letter to GW, in an effort to get the message across that the changes lately to internet sales, price increases and policy shifts have affected the online community and also create significant disadvantages for GW. It’s a very well thought out and presented video and Matt brings up some important… on Twitter!

I’ve registered @WHGateway on Twitter so I can put all of my really short ramblings there… You may ask “Why not @WarhammerGateway???” and the answer is: Because its too long by 1 character!!!! MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! Follow me on Twitter if you’re on it and up to it 🙂

Hobby Update: Video and Podcasts coming

Just a quick update this week. I’ve purchased a podcast kit from Behringer (firewire), an additional mic and some mic stands. I’ve wanted to start recording the sound of my voice for ages (actually, I like many other people, find the sound of my own voice strange), so have taken steps toward that dream. Just…