Hobby Update: Video and Podcasts coming

Just a quick update this week.

I’ve purchased a podcast kit from Behringer (firewire), an additional mic and some mic stands. I’ve wanted to start recording the sound of my voice for ages (actually, I like many other people, find the sound of my own voice strange), so have taken steps toward that dream. Just waiting for the packages to arrive. My aim is to produce some short, sharp and unique content as I’ve found some of the other podcasts to be quite long, requiring many days of spare time to get through the whole episode. I’d like people to be able to download and listen to my episodes fairly frequently and in smaller sub-units. More about this once I’ve tested my gear and have my setup ok.

Keeping on the same multimedia theme, I’ve previously purchased a better quality webcam and have tested my battle report setup. “Borrowing” a leaf out of the Independent Characters’ book (click on the link to read up on what I’m talking about, I’m going to try a multi-camera battle report. Again, until I give this a go, and get a first version out, I can’t say too much…

Otherwise, I appreciate the feedback from all of the blogs and podcast crews I’ve been talking to via email, and hope to get some extra value out to the hobby community quite soon.