Setup: WH Gateway Podcast recording setup

So last night I trialed my podcasting recording studio (using the term studio loosely of course). Below are some photos with an explanation for each.


Firstly... YES, it's an ironing board! It's stable up against the door of a cabinet and its the righ shape for my room.


A closer view of the background elements: Below left - Mixer and headphones, Upper left: Thick cotton pinned to door to insulate against sound bounce, Right at the back - Pin board to pin show notes with insulating foam below and; Right front - Behringer C-1 microphone with pop filter (round circle in front) on a stand


Finally, a look at what is in the background on the left: I have opened another cabinet door with some clothes hanging to dampen sound from the traffic outside. For reference, the Mixer is a Berhinger 802 that comes with the Behringer Podcast Studio (firewire) kit. An awesome kit at a very affordable price!

Lastly, you will notice stacks of foam trays above on a shelf. This is were I store any models that I will review in the show and any other bits I might need too.

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