Podcast success! Zuul official first sponsor of War Hammer Gateway Podcast

Album: Out of Time by Zuul

Podcast sponsor: Zuul (Album: Out of Time)

Before I finalised the Episode 0 of the podcast, I had found a Warhammer music track from the band Zuul on their Out of Time album (itunes link).

I asked the guys if they would support the podcast by allowing me to use their Warhammer track for the podcast. Well… they happy to support us!

So that makes Zuul the first official sponsor to the podcast. In future, all sponsorship will be in some way or other contributing toward prizes for competitions and other listener events.

Thanks to Zuul from the War Hammer Gateway podcast crew and if you’re into Heavy Metal, these guys ROCK!

Check out their facebook stage here if you want to know where their gigs are in the future: http://www.facebook.com/zuulheavymetal