Gadget Review: Wide angle lens for Webcam

Skina Wide Angle lens

Wide angle lens for phone cameras, webcams and other micro cams

Last battle I attempted to record using the webcam (still ironing out issues with the size of the output file), even at the height of the garage ceiling, we couldn’t quite fit the whole table into the view, so I did some research on my options. One nifty option I found was a “wide angle lens” for small cameras (webcams, phone cameras and even micro cams). Searching the interwebs, I found some local stockists, but they wanted like $90.00 – $100.00 for one, which is just not on! Luckily, our friends in Hong Kong provided a more cost effective solution at around $10, which I received the other day.

I did some testing and it works a treat! The one I bought was the Skina W-67, which comes with 2 stick on magnetic rings (I assume for 2 phones/cams) and some caps for either end to avoid damage to the lens front and back. I get about 33% extra width, although it does fish eye a bit, but thats not an issue for me. The point is just to fit everything in the shot.

Thumbs up on this one, I give it 4 purity seals out of 5.