Introduction to Vassal: Playing 40k online, or using it to get keep up rules knowledge

If you don’t already know about it, Vassal ( is an online game engine that allows you to play 40k (amongst other game systems) against other people online. I recommend it, purely for keeping up to date with rules and keeping “in the know”. By playing casual games online (I dont recommend playing in the Leagues or being serious with it, its not the real deal), at the very least when you get around to your next face to face experience, it will enable the game to flow smoothly and also so prevent many of those “rules queries” that people who don’t play often enough (count me in that category) experience. You may have heard the phrase “A quick game is a good game” and this is definitely true of 40k. After a few warm up games on Vassal a night or two before your face to face game, you’ll really enjoy your smooth and punchy game with your opponent on the table.
There is a dedicated Vassal 40k page available ( to download the 40 module and get started. Contact me if you need any tips or want to jump online some time.