Invitation: To write articles/posts for WHGateway

Hi Everyone,

I invite anyone who would like to become a contributor on to contact us about posting articles on the blog.

What is WarHammerGateway (WHGateway) all about?
I live in Sydney, so it’s all about local content, but with a Global context. Aussies are used to living far away from the rest of the world, but we know how to shorten the distance by using technology and relationships. That’s what WHGateway is all about, getting together and sharing our knowledge and also creating wider circles in the hobby community. We are not here to make a profit from this, so we support retail stores and hobby centres without bias. If it’s good, we support it!

How do I get in touch?
Log in to the site above and register a name. Then do one of 2 things:
1. Create a post and submit it for review. I’ll then publish it.
2. Use the Contact Us page to send me an email. I’ll confirm the details.

What are we looking for?

Well pretty much anything that’s Warhammer Fantasy or 40k related (will also take articles on other wargames like Warmachine, Malifaux etc or even other GW games like Battlefleet Gothic)

Are there any restrictions?
Only that the article follows the most common interwebs forum rules like no abusive comments, excessive swearing ($#%# characters preferred) etc. Otherwise, go for it!

Why should I post on your blog, I can post on forums anytime?
I feel that great articles get lost in the quagmire of forums, where the number of posts and responses swamp the content. Also, I’m providing a hosted service for the content, where it will be kept indefinitely for others to refer to again and again. Do you notice that sometimes photos dissappear, or links cease to exist? I do, and I want the article as a whole from being lost for future reference.

Feel free to reply to this post with any questions, otherwise get in touch as above and post away!