New Product: Display Tower/Case from Table War Store

I only really post about products that are bleeding edge, or I think are just plain clever. So on that note, let me introduce:

The Table War Store: Display Tower and Display Case

As soon as I get financial approval from my CFO (hi darling!), I’m getting one of these! Not only does it store your models, it also has them organised for you to deploy/repack ready for the next game. Let me tell you, it’s nice to be able to put models away in such a manner to be able to just pluck them out in the next game, rather than being constrained by the 9×4 or 10×4 foam trays for most models, which often leads to squads/regiments being mixed up. Confusion then reins as next game you try to gather the squads together again.

Another advantage is that the trays the tower/case comes with are mobile platforms where you can visually sort out your deployment format for example:

Tray 1: Troops to be deployed at the start of the game

Tray 2: Reserves

This again lends itself to giving you back time to organise your game plan for the next game and shortening your deployment time.

Lastly, the clear panel on the side of the case allows you to show off your models in all their splendorous glory (I think I made that word up, meh!), which is great if you’ve spent days/weeks/months painting your army and want to showcase them (deliberate pun!).

Future suggestions

I think the next step is to allow the trays to be cascaded from the bottom to the top so that all of them can be viewed from the top down. Here is a diagram:

Here are the linky bits:


Youtube video:

One thought on “New Product: Display Tower/Case from Table War Store

  1. Thanks for the review Russ. We have been working really hard to bring an innovative new case to market. In fact, the testing of designs took us some time as we were innovating for form, function, and long-term quality. We will talk about these initial suggestions you have provided. Do keep them coming as you get the approval to roll-up your sleeves and try out this initial set-up. I do think you will be pleasantly surprised by the thought we have put into it AND will surely come up with some other idea gems.
    Todd – TABLEWAR(TM) Designs, Inc.

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