Review: FLGS | Good Games | Burwood, Sydney

GGS LogoOn my way home the other day while I was in Burwood, I popped past Good Games, located on the main street (opposite end to Westfields fyi). I’d been meaning to go there a long time, but never had enough time to fit it in.

I have to say, I’ve been missing out! The place is awesome, with loads of gaming table space, support and the guys are very friendly and approachable. Their stock levels are pretty good and prices competitive. They’ve been increasing their wargame range considerably with most items available for Fantasy and 40K. With a stock pile of card games to make a poker player have a fit, Good Games also stock some of the more popular games and genres out there. Warmachine, Hordes, Firestorm Armada, Magic the Gathering, Warhammer RPG and a load more of the most popular games, they have almost everything to suit your needs. Not only that, they have ICECREAM! and not forgetting some snacks and drinks to keep you refreshed.

For a host of other info including their stocked items, in-store events, times and also a link to their facebook page, visit:

Check it out !

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