Review: FLGS | The Play Space | Hurlstone Park, Sydney

The Play-SpaceI actually visited this FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store) the weekend before last as well as last weekend. For a combined book store/game store, its really good. The owner and her son are really friendly and great to talk to, and they offer drinks and food as you wish. Maccas (McDonalds) is only a 2 min walk away as well with a take away place 3 shops up. The store has been setup with a Realm of Battle board and some cool mixed GW/other terrain. Apparently GW were happy to help them setup their outfit and provided them with alot of stuff. There are some store regulars that come in each week, so if you want a small battle (up to 1500 pts) of 40K on Saturday, you can pop past and somone will give you a go.
They’re aiming at a small (500 pts) 40K tourney on the 26th November, which I might help out with, depending on my availability and invite some ppl to come along. Theyve also got some space at the back for additional tables and the near unsighted “outdoor game” experience.
4 Purity seals out of 5 (with the only shortfall being there arent a whole lot of tables available)

Check it out on a Saturday up to 5pm.

For more info, go to

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