Total Intraspective: Sharing the hobby joy

I had a pretty good weekend overall. I got some much needed sleep and after waking a few hours earlier than everyone else, I managed to snatch a little hobby time, painting my IG troops. I’ve been doing some more work on the IG colour scheme and getting the mass painting techniques down. I’m almost there.
So I’m working away on my troopers, finished most of the annoyingly small facial bits (like dotting the eyes so they all look like they’re fighting in a battle and not “shocked”, “insanely scared” or one of the other myriad wide eyed looks that some models get during the painting process…) and they’re looking pretty battle worthy, and my in-laws (I was at their place) get a visit from a distant relo (relative if you’re not an Aussie). In comes a little fellow of about 10 yrs, who excitedly exclaims “I know what they are!” when he sees my squad and temporary paint station. We then have a chat where he explains that some of the kids at his school have Fantasy and 40k models and he thinks they’re “really cool”. God love the youth (at least when they’re innocent) and their exuberance over the smallest things. The next thing I know he’s offerred to “help paint” and I’ve given him the paint brush and some dark colour to paint the base of my missle launcher team… well, here is where it gets interesting, and the point of this post. In answering the question “Can I help paint?”, a little squeeky voice in my head screams “NO! THEY’RE MINE, GO GET YOUR OWN!” while images of me cradling my models and turning my back on the little fellow… in reality of course, that’s not what I did, because… well… I’m over 30 now and those kinds of reactions were left back in my single digit years (ok, ok, maybe early teens! :P).
In the end, the most grizzly it got was watching rather squeemishly as he painted the base in a way that only a young child could (picture far too much paint, that is quicky drying, brissles of the brush being splayed in all directions with the brush strokes resembling a kitchen hand cleaning an oil spill with a mop… <:/ ). In the end, it wasn't so bad. I gave him my 15 year old GW standard brush, of which the brissles were starting to stay permanently split and as for the base, well its a base... it'll get flocked over soon enough. What I thought was most amazing about the experience, is that he took on the advice from my sister in-law and I without complaining or insisting he could do it his own way. Examples include how to improve brush strokes, thinning paint, keeping the brush moist and not overloading it. I was so impressed with his attitude (not to mention he helped me make my wife pancakes) that I felt compelled to give him one of my IG troopers as a gift. If only most kids these days gave me the same impression... The last thing to note, which made me laugh to no end, was his response to my suggestion he name the trooper. Without a moments thought, he exclaimed "Bob!", to which my brother in law and I suggested that a more heroic or fantasy name might be more appropriate... something like Trooper Kreeg, or Trooper Zane etc. Alas, our efforts were in vain, as Trooper Bob, he was! The next steps of course were to paint his base and his name on the base, to which our young chap quickly painted "Bob" in black writing on a yellow base (obviously Bob is currently on a tour of the chem/sand deserts of some far away planet...). Here ends my thoughts for the week, but I kinda wonder whether I'll ever experience anything like this again, given I have kids myself one day, will I be lucky to see this happen again? We can only hope I guess.