Bat Rep: Orks vs Tau 23 Dec 11

Battle Report by Shadow:

Orks vs Tau 1500 points

Orks List:

2x Boss on Bike
3x 10 Lootas
4x 12 Trukk boyz with PK nob
1x 3 Warbikes w PK nob
1x 3 Kannons

Tau List:

1x 3 Commander Battle suit team
1x 3 Battle suit team
1x 3 Stealth suit squad
1x 10 Fire warrior team
1x 12 Kroot squad
2x 7 Vespid Squads
1x 3 Broadsides
1x Hammerhead gunship


Game: Standard Pitched battle, Capture and Control. Orks went first.

Ork turn 1:largely ineffective ork firing due to clever positioning of much of the Tau force out of line of sight to the majority of Ork firepower. One glimmer of hope was the Grot Kannons, hit and killed 2 of 3 battle suits; the other broke and ran off the board. All ork assault units pushed up hard.

Tau turn 1: Broadsides destroy 1 trukk, killing half the boys inside. Hammer head gunship kills 2 Lootas. Another trukk stunned. Nothing else really.

Ork turn 2: All assault units move straight at enemy, Waaagh! And assault. Trukk mob 1 assaults fire warriors, wipe them out losing 1 boy. Trukk mob 2 charge stealth suits wipe them out losing 2 or 3 boys. Mob 3 attempts to charge Broadsides, but roll double 2’s for DT and fail to reach (needed a 4). Half mob from exploded trukk charge Hammerhead, but it had flechette launchers, which kill 4 boys. The surviving boyz take off the Big Gun, and a pen hit from the PK rolls a 1 on the damage table and shakes it. A vespid squad on the right is shot down to destruction.

Pre-Turn 1

Basically, at this point, things are looking very bad for the Tau, but they have reserves to come in which could tip the balance.

 Tau turn 2: Kroot squad fails to come in from reserves. Command Battle suit squad tries to deep strike into my deployment zone between 2 loota squads, but scatters, off the board, and is destroyed by the deep strike mishap roll. Damaged Hammerhead tank shocks the small ork mob, which breaks and runs away. Rail Gun suits and 2nd vespid squad fire on the mob that failed to charge. The vespids charge the remaining boyz, and kill a few, the nob and survivors kill a few vespids in return. Ork pass Ld, and stay in combat.

Ork turn 3 to 5: Orks swarm about mopping up survivors. The trukk boy vs vespid fight continues, ending with only the nob alive after crushing the last of the vespids. The central ork mob charged the rail gun suits and wipe them out. They then move off towards the home objective. The Orks holding the Tau objective are charged and broken by kroot warriors coming in from reserve, but the Warboss counter charges the kroot, killing them all. Bike squad charges the damaged hammerhead, taking off all its guns and immobilising it. Thus ends the last of the Tau resistance.

Wrap up comments:

  1. I left my trukk mob ON the enemy objective which was right in the back corner. When he outflanked is kroot, he was able to assault them. Better option, pull them back, 13″ from the board edge, so if he sends his flankers after that obj, I can counter charge them. I could even have moved a trukk over there to give him something to assault, which when it explodes (which it will) would prolly hurt him a bit.
  2. As it was, I left the trukk boyz in cover, with the Warboss in counter charge position, but Kroot ignore trees as cover so were able to go first, and break a troop unit. it would have been better to sacrifce the warboss even, as losing a troop unit in an objective game is bad.
  3. I had 3 functioning trukks, and he had no firepower on the board, the outflanking kroot didnt have guns, so i dont know what I was thinking.  I think i was trying to set up tank shocks.

Tau units killed: 9

2 Vespid Squads
3 Battle suit teams
1 Stealth suit squad
1 Fire warrior team
1 Kroot squad
1 Hammerhead gunship

Ork units killed: 3

1 Trukk
2 Ork slugga mobs

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