DIY: Cobbled stone bases from sprue bits

For anyone who knows me, they’ll realise I like to experiment and come up with new ways of doing things. Call it “re-invent the wheel” or just a waste of time… either way, sometimes I’m proud to say, I come up with some good stuff. I hope you enjoy the DIY articles I’ll be posting in future and encourage you to do the same. Feel free to post your own DIY articles in the comments.

The other night, I was looking at my mountain of sprue and started cutting it up into spars and beams to be used in scenery. I realised there were a bunch of round protrusions on each sprue and as I cleaned them off with my flat nosed pliers, I realised they might be re-used. I kept the little cylindrical pieces and glued them in a group on an old business card. Here are the results:

The photo may not make sense, so I’ll try and explain. If you look on most sprues, you’ll notice little round/cylindrical bits that stick out of the main frame. I cut those off with the pliers and each piece ends up with a flat side, and a cut side. The image above shows the flat side down.

So from here, I thought “thats cool, but not enough to do much…” and then it hit me; why not cut the sprue into “bricks” and then cut them in half to reduce the thickness and give them a rough look.

Here is the result:

I have no idea who harry is... šŸ™‚

Lastly, I cut these out from the card and I’ll use them to base some models in future.