An Orky update: All ur base R belong to US!

An update from Shadow on his Ork army after our chat the other day:

Shadow: I’ve rebased my army and made 5 40mm objective bases, now I need to add the objectives to them. I have also made the bike bases, put one bike on, but will finish the others first. It’s a few days work unfortunately, but the army is done. I made 50 of them and rebased boys, the other half of the army were ok, so i just improved the current bases a bit. They’re are a sand/rock mix of varying sizes, glued and covered in PVA glue.

Ork biker bases

Russ: Static grass on top?

Shadow: Painted and with static grass, some have a scenic rock added. I’m pretty happy with them. I’m going to go through the army and add some bitz to some bases, old guns, helmets and such.

Russ: Cool, so what brought this about?

Shadow: When we started (in the hobby), green flock was the standard, scenic $h1t like this was almost unheard of… e.g. golden daemon standard, now it’s expected on every model. They look good, but add a lot of hours work to the army. I’ve (even) been awake at night thinking of how to do the objectives now… I’ve got a bunch of spare grots painted up I want to use. I would like to put a diarama down but… I was thinking about a big totem pole/warbanner for my ‘home’ objective, make use of my old Nob with banner, with grot banner guards. Another i might use an old Mekboy model and a grot carrying an IG autocannon. I dont have any ammo crates wait yes i do, in our city fight terrain, can i use some of those?

Russ: Yep, just not all of them ; )

Boys on new based bases

Biker side shot

Newly based and ready to roll out! (ok, it's a transformer quote... meh!)



















Note: At which point, Shadow goes “away” for a bit and returns with this beauty…

Shadow's " 'ome O'jektiv "