Article Review: BoLS Academy series #1-6


This time I’m reviewing a series of articles posted via the Bell of Lost Souls (aka BoLS at blog. The BoLS Academy series tries to answer some commonly misunderstood parts o f Warhammer 40k gameplay and offers hints and tips as well. So far, there have been 5 videos (Don’t ask me where number 5 went, I’m assuming it doesnt exist, just like some of the Space Marine Chapters hehe) as follows:

BoLS Academy #1: 40K Multi Assaults
BoLS Academy #2: Dice, Dice, Dice!
BoLS Academy #3: Slingshot Engage
BoLS Academy #4: Who Can I Punch?
BOLS Academy #6 – What’s a Wreck?

Review Comments:

The video series is backed up by a brief comment on the BoLS post that quickly describes the content being presented. The length of the videos is between 2.5 to 4.5 mins, with very little in the way of wasted effort (ie time spent on credits or title sequences). I’ve played a few times of late, and found that some of the videos cover areas that I’ve understood clearly, while others offer an insight into new tactics for playing the game. I founnd them enjoyable, short and sharp. I recommend for everyone to take a look, as a refresher and you might just learn a thing or two you didn’t know before.

Rating: 4 War Hammers out of 5