Bat Rep: DE vs Orks 15 Jan 12

Battle Report by Shadow:

1750 pts. Dark Eldar vs Orks (Shadow)

Ork Army

2 Warbosses on bikes w PK, cybork, atk squig
3×10 Lootas
4×12 Slugga boys, with PK Nob, in a Trukk
1×14 Shoota boyz with bigshoota
1×10 grotz with runtherder
2×3 warbikes with PK nob
3 Kannons

Dark Eldar Army

Haemonculus w liquifier gun
2x 5 Trueborn with 2 DL in venom
4 Trueborn w 3 Blasters in Venom
5 Wracks in Raider w liquifier gun
2 x 5 warriors w blaster in Raider
2 x 5 warriors w blaster in Venom
6 Reaver Jetbikes w arena champion and 2 heat lances
2x Triple Lance Ravagers
1 Razorwing

Mission: Annihilation with Pitched Battle deployment.

Orks win first turn.

Battlefield: The battle field was basically a forest, with lots of tree clumps and small hills. A few small ruins dominated the corners of the field.

Da Orkz Plan Fing!

I set up my orks with lootas in good cover covering the main fire lanes across the board, with ork trukks spread out between them, supported by the small bike units. My strategy was to dominate the board so that no matter how he deployed, I would be in position to engage him immediately with a lot of gunfire, and then assault troops in subsequent rounds. If he reserved his army, I would be able to push almost to his deployment zone to cramp him and force him to fight on my terms up close and personal.

He chose to deploy with a denied right flank, placing the majority of his army in his left corner behind some LOS blocking forest and reserve his Razorwing. The rest of his light transports spilled out either side of the trees, with Jetbikes in the centre in the trees. His strategy seemed to be to outgun my right flank and sweep down that side killing everything while staying out of assault range of the other half of my army. If he could get halfway across the board, then the trees would block LOS from most of my fire support . I therefore would need to pen him up in his deployment zone so that:

  1. He cannot get out of the line of fire of my lootas, and;
  2. He stays grouped together and easier to take down in assault.


Deployment - DE try a "refused flank"

Summary of the battle:

Turn 1

Orks pushed forward across the board, all the bikes and trukks on the left went as fast as they could into cover of the trees seen midfield. The units on the right moved up to engage. Shooting wrecked the wracks raider and a venom containing warriors. 1 Ravager was wrecked by massed loota gunfire.

DE pushed a ravager forward 12” and knocked out 2 kannons, and scooted a trueborn venom up towards the lootas. Jetbikes race towards lead trukk mob. Everything else remained pretty stationary. Jetbikes explode a trukk, orks bail out behind the wreck. Dark Lance fire knocks out another trukk on my left flank, killing a bunch of orks in the explosion, and pinning the squad. (These guys got stuck out of the battle until the last turn). Massed venom fire wipes out the right flank lootas and put 2 wounds on the Warboss right. The Jetbikes launch an assault against the dismounted orks, but choose to remain out of contact with the wounded Warboss. This meant going the long way round, ending with only 1 bike in contact with the orks, 2 supporting, and 3 others (including the arena champion) being left out. With pile in moves, 10 orks, with PK nob got to fight. So, 1 ork got killed, and the orks replied by killing 5 jet bikes! The arena champion broke and flew away, never to be seen again.

Turn 2

By pushing up into the face of the DE force, they had not moved much, and because he mounted heavy weapon troops in vehicles, they had not moved. So his denied flank strategy turned on him as I was able to out flank and envelope his army. Even with the loss of my right flank fire support, I was still able to bring a considerable number of shots against his light vehicles, but most importantly for me, I was able to push assault troops up into his gun line from 2 sides, which combined with the two board edges, effectively trapped him in the corner.

I proceed to shoot down a couple of transports and assault his lead Venom and Ravager. My Warboss assaults his Lanceborn venom, exploding it. The orks who killed off the Jetbikes shake the Venom, and stun the Ravager, ripping off a lance. While I know these orks will soon get the chop, they trap his Wracks in his deployment zone.

Turn 2 – Orks surround the DE

In the DE turn, the Razorwing fails to arrive. He starts to respond to the developing threat to his right flank, but has 5 units capable of assault approaching on that flank alone, and 4 more in front of him. He no longer has the luxury of shooting at my fire support units. He jumped the stunned Venom forward, shoots the Blasterborn within into my remaining kannon, destroying it. The Wracks and Haemy liquefy the Orks in front of them. Shooting kills a Bike, and the other two break and ride away. Dark Lances at point blank succeed in killing the Warboss in the front. I don’t feel at this stage he has done enough damage to stop what is coming next.

Turn 3

All units that can, push up into assault range, and I declare my ‘Waaagh!’ this turn, not really because I need it, but I just didn’t think I’ll need it anymore, and I wanted to get as close as possible to launch multi-assaults. The Lootas and Shoota Boyz go to work, shooting down more transports. I’m ignoring the dismounted warriors, as they are small units and relatively harmless, concentrating on shooting down Venoms and Raiders, where the majority of the shooting threat lies. After my shooting, he has 1 Venom with Lanceborn inside in the back corner, and his Blasterborn Venom down in front of my old Kannon Battery.  Everyone else is dismounted at this stage so in go the assaults. Bikes go into one Warrior squad, the Warboss into another. One Trukk Mob multi charges two Warrior squads at once, while another multi charges the Dark Lance who killed the other Warboss, and contacts the Ravager. The Ravager is wrecked and Dark Lanceborn killed. The other Trukk mob wipes out their targets losing a couple of Boyz, while the Bike beat and break the Warriors. The Warboss wins his combat, but remains engaged with 2 Warriors.

So the Dark Eldar player’s army is shattered at this point. He has 1 Venom with Blasterborn in it, and 1 with Lanceborn, neither near each other to offer support. His Razorwing fails to appear again, leaving the Haemonculus and Wracks left on foot in the middle. So, he moves his Blasterborn toward the central Lootas and kills a couple with shooting. The Lanceborn shoot an Ork or two, but achieve very little. The Wracks try to assault the centre Orks who killed the Ravager but fail their DT range roll. In the assault phase the Warboss finishes his warriors and consolidates towards the Lanceborn.

Turn 4

So, mopping up here. Lootas shoot down the Blasterborn Venom, and other shooting drops the squad down to 1, who remains steadfast. The Lanceborn Venom is shot down and the occupants charged and slaughtered in subsequent assault phase. Shootas put a lot of shots into the Wracks, who with cover and FnP, lose 1 wound off the Haemy. The 8 Ork Boyz nearest charge into them, kill 2 but lose combat by 1. They then fail leadership, and are run down.

In the DE turn, the wrack move up, and liquefy half the Shoota Boyz, who break, but don’t run far. They are then assaulted, fail leadership again and are destroyed. The Razorwing comes on now, in the far left hand side of the board, and launches a barrage of fire on the Lootas, killing 5, but the other 5 remain after passing leadership. The 1 Blasterborn charges the Grot crew from the Kannons, killing 1. They break and are run down.

Turn 5

The remaining Lootas return fire, blowing the Razorwing out of the sky in a fiery and satisfying explosion. Remember that Trukk mob that got pinned at the start of the game? Well being left out of the main fight meant it was hanging around midfield and assaulted the Wracks squad, losing some Orks, but wiping out the Wracks and Haemy.

In the DE turn, the last model on the table, the Blasterborn fleets forward and charges the central Loota squad, killing one, but is then clubbed to death.

Thus the Dark Eldar army is tabled. It is an ork victory 21 KP to 9

Turn 5 - Orks whipe out DE


I won’t go into his tactics too much as going the denied flank and reserved Razorwing were good tactics in the face of the huge hoard and not having the first turn.

On my side, I noticed a problem when deploying lootas, where I would put them in rubble looking to give them cover and spread them out, but down at eye level, some models has no LOS as they were behind a rock or wall. This cost me a bunch of shots and needs to be addressed when I next deploy.

I’m still not settled on my 1750 pt. list, I feel it needs a little more tweaking. While the grots are a great objective holder for 40 pts., the can’t do anything else. For 20 more points I could get 10 shoota boyz which are tougher and have guns, and are still cheap enough to go to ground on an objective in cover. I’m not sure what happens in a ‘kill the most expensive HQ’ mission when I have 2 of the same cost. I might strip one down a little to make a ‘dominant’ boss, and lieutenant.

Tactics wise, I had a plan, and I stuck to it, even when things went pear shaped on one flank, and by sticking to it, won. I’m not sure how (or if) I would have done anything different. I guess, given the scenario and order of play, I should have guessed he would deploy and stacked for that. Otherwise I am happy to have gone up against a tournament quality opponent and achieved a pretty big win in a hard fought battle.