Hobby Factory: 3 New Cities of Death terrain

I’ve decided, given it’s a new year, to just put stuff together and use up most of the hobby stuff I’ve got, instead of leaving it in boxes for next year. If this doesn’t make sense, let me enlighten you with a little photo…


My boxes of stuff (yet to put together)

As you can see for yourself, I’ve still got a mountain of stuff to put together. I can proudly say there was a lot more there before, with a whole armoured IG company on the shelf too! But that’s now put together.

On to today’s update: What have I put together lately? Well below are the newbies on the block (pun intended), the last of my Cities of Death terrain pieces including 3 different sized manufactorum/tempellum style ruined buildings.

3 different sized buildings

Alternate view

Last one 😉


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