Hobby Factory: New Imperial Guard colour scheme 15 Jan 2012

Reading a few articles from various places, I decided to revise my Imperial Guard (IG) colour scheme. I felt that there was something missing, with alot of the model being the same colour (ref: fenris grey over black undercoat). I just wasn’t satisfied that the overall colour scheme was broken up enough. On top of that, I felt the painting challenge didn’t have enough variation. If I wanted to paint Ultramarines, then I would have put together an army of Space Marines, instead, I wanted to get some experience with my IG. So, where did I find my inspiration for, well actually its from some ideas I’ve collected over the years, notably:

  1. spot colours – these are evenly spaced splashes of colour that usually form a set a shape when viewed on a model. Eg 3 points = a triangle, 4 points = a rectangle
  2. the face being the focal point of the model – its where the expression and character of the model come through most vividly
  3. shading and highlighting – using washes to shade the majority of the models quickly, where as black or dark banding helps define the edges of colours. When highlighting, even though it’s tempting to try and get the highlight finished in one coat (usually when using paint that isn’t watered down enough), patience is the key, as multiple thin coats achieve a better result and often blend better on a model
  4. Defining a colour scheme that looks great when viewed as a whole, or each individual model

I could natter on for ages, but instead I’ll show you what I’ve come up with. Please excuse the photo quality, I’m yet to get my Digital SLR back from someone who borrowed it… 🙁


Latest IG colour scheme, 15 Jan 2012

Cheers! : )