More WH40k FAQ updates ~17 Jan 12

I like the new format where they Bold what the question is about within each question and answer. It makes it easier to skim through to the context you are after.

Found some more FAQ changes, this time from the Rulebook FAQ:

Q: Can models embarked upon a vehicle use its fire
points to draw line of sight to a unit to use special
rules or wargear (other than shooting)? (p66)
A: No.

This would be negated by vehicle abilities/special rules such as a Chimera’s “Mobile Command” rule allowing orders to be issued from within the vehicle (I assume).

Q: If a transport vehicle is destroyed in a Movement
phase in which it has moved flat out, what happens to
any embarked models, as passengers may not
disembark from a vehicle that has moved flat out in
that Movement phase? (p70)
A: They are removed as casualties.

On par with the flyer rule where they’re immobilised while moving flat out, models inside are removed as casualties. Important to note for any vehicle moving over 12″ that are carrying troops.

Black Templars FAQ:

Q. When a unit with the And They Shall Know no Fear
special rule regroups, do they get to immediately move up
to 3″ as well as moving as normal that turn? (p23)
A. Yes.

Ok, this is a “What the…” moment… Does this mean a 9″ move on the turn they regroup? And potentially a 9″ move then charge? Holy shenanigans Batman!

Q: Can a Techmarine attempt to use his Blessing of the
Omnissiah special rule to repair a vehicle he is currently
embarked upon? (p36)
A: Yes.

Did I miss this one before? Maybe I did, but… how does he fix the issue from “inside” the vehicle… /&|

Blood Angels FAQ:

Q: As Blood Lance is a psychic shooting attack, does it
need to roll To Hit? (p63)
A: No.

If the Space Wolves can do it with Jaws of the World Wolf, why can’t the Blood Angels…? Fair enough.

Chaos Daemons FAQ:

Q: If there isn’t space on the board to place the Chaos
Spawn created by Boon of Mutation, what happens?
A: Move the models that are in the way the minimum
distance required to make enough space.

I might be a bit new to reading all of the FAQs for the different books, however it’s interesting to note that this allows models to be moved as a consequence of an action, similar to Tank Shock. It doesn’t note which direction to move the models (I know, this is a minor thing).

Chaos Space Marines FAQ:

 Q: Is Lash of Submission a Psychic Shooting Attack and
must it roll To Hit? (p88)
A: Yes to both questions. Note that if it misses, it will
have no effect.

If the Space Wolves and Blood Angels can have Jaws of the World Wolf and Blood Lance that doesn’t have to roll To Hit, then Chaos Space Marines with the Mark of Slaanesh… CAN’T CAUSE THEY’RE NOT WORTHY!

Yours in sincere wrathful vengence,

The Emperor of Mankind

Q: Does the use of Nurgle’s Rot limit what enemy units
the rest of the unit can shoot and assault for that turn?
Does Nurgle’s Rot need to roll To Hit? (p88)
A: No to both questions.

PS: Oh but Nurgle can. : )

Dark Angels FAQ:

Q: Does Mind Worm need to roll To Hit? (p39)
A: Yes.

PPS: Dark Angels don’t count…

Dark Eldar FAQ:

Q: Can I take a flickerfield save against becoming
immobilised from a Dangerous Terrain test? (p63)
A: No. The save from a flickerfield can only be taken
against glancing and penetrating hits.

Proof that not even the Dark Eldar can trick the ground…

Eldar FAQ:

Q: When taking a Farseer and a unit of Warlocks as a
single HQ choice, do they form two separate units? (p26)
A: Yes.

Ok now HANG ON! Fair go boys and girls, why is this so? Surely this falls under the same deal as an IC and Command Squad? Sheesh! Oh and does this mean they have to roll separately when the come on as reserves?

Q: Does Eldritch Storm need to roll To Hit? (p28)
A: Yes, though as it is a blast weapon, Eldritch Storm
will scatter.

So what you’re saying is: “it doesn’t roll To Hit, it just rolls to scatter and if a Hit is rolled on the scatter dice, it hits, otherwise it scatters the distance on the dice minus the BS”? I certainly hope so.

Q: Do chainsabres and powerblades count as a pair of
close combat weapons that give an additional +1
Attack? (p33 and36)
A: No. They count as a single weapon that gives +1

Ohhh… Whaaa…? /&|

Grey Knights FAQ:

Q: If a model with a Nemsesis Force halberd has had
his Initiative reduced to a fixed number by an
ability/special rule, do they still get the +2 Initiative
from the Halberd? (p54)
A: Yes.

Right-o… so I reduce your I to 1 and then you add +2… okey-dokey… like for instance, I dunno, say charging through cover!

Imperial Guard FAQ:

Q: If a Manticore suffers a Weapon Destroyed result, does
it destroy all its remaining storm eagle rockets? (p54)
A: Yes.

Ok, so all the missiles don’t work, but when you knock out a las/plas razorback, only part of it is destroyed?

Q: Can Ministorum Priests or Techpriest Enginseers be
taken as the mandatory HQ choice? (p93)
A: Yes.

Mechanicum or Ecclesiastic Crusade anyone? Muhuhhuhuhahahahahahhaaaa

Necron FAQ: Not going near that one…

Tyranid FAQ:

Q: Can a unit take cover saves from any source other
than the terrain they are in, or touching, against
Wounds caused by an impaler cannon? (p47)
A: No.

What about Going to Ground? Isn’t that a cover save…

Q: If a model with Acid Blood takes an unsaved Wound
from a Walker, does the Walker get to take an
Initiative test, and only if it fails this test do you roll to
see if it suffers a glancing hit? (p84)
A: Yes.

This is the definition of a “dodgey walker”!!! haahaha aha ha aa… hmmm… ok it was funny at the time.

Any FAQs not listed have passed the acid test and been deemed “Ok” as per previous FAQ updates.