New Stuff: Bought some new boxes on the weekend

Went to a sale on the weekend (love a good sale!) and scored heaps of new stuff including:

1. Tau Fire Warrior Squad

2. Tau Devilfish

3.Tau Skyray

4. Tau Sniper Drones and controller

5. Eldar Wraithlord (I have the old model already, but the new one is awesome!)

6. Space Marine Drop Pod (cause… just cause)

7. 2x Sisters of Battle blisters (metal)

8. That funky terrain piece with the smashed rhino

I kind got me reminiscing about the old GW sales (did I say I love a good sale?), where I purchased about $1k of models back when I was at school/uni. Those were the days… nostalgia aside, have you experiences the same thing?

Let me know 😉

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