Boredom Beats: Changin’ it up bro!

‘K, so everyone gets bored sometimes… I’m at that “painting 150 guardsmen armour plates adeptus ‘grey is just eatz*!” so boredom has set it once again. I’m all huffed about the progress, it’s just hit the doldrums (ie hum-drum). I’m putting together a terrain slideshow of what I’m planning to finish by mid-year, so will post it up soon.

What am I workin’ on?

1. Imperial Guard troops, grey plates, fenris grey fatigues with khaki overcoat.

2. Fly-over terrain

3. Painting up my cities of death terrain and craters

4. Thinking about hill terrain to make

If all goes well, I’ll have  terrain board to show off soon, a grey n black wasteland type and a lush green Fantasy board.


* If you want to know what the term eatz means, you can:

a. Look it up (its a kiwi word, ref: New Zealand)

b. Get a bro to let ya know!

c. Don’t be stink**!


** If you want to know what the term stink means, you can:

a. reference a. above

b. reference b. above

c. Don’t be eatz*!

d. Rinse and repeat