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While I was recording the videos for Event Horizon 2012 (Warhammer 40k 5th Ed), I took the time to ask Denis for the results of each round. I’ve studied my share of maths in the past and I’m pretty good with Excel, so I was interested to put together some stats about the armies that were being used and how the results looked against the army numbers. Why would I do this? Because if you follow a few competition focused blogs (, BoLS, YTTH etc) you will notice Kirby, Brent and Stelek discussing whats hot, what’s not and their thoughts on the tournaments and how the various armies match up (in general of course, because the other factor in combination with army list factors is the person who is using it). I’m not going to weigh in on the debate on what works etc, but I will talk to what I know is truth: pure stats from the results of a tournament. I’ve put together a number (ok quite a few) of charts to display visually what I’m going to talk about, starting with the overall army breakdown. I’ll talk through each chart and give my personal view on what it means in context with the overall tournament over the 2 days.

Introduction to Event Horizon 2012:
To give you context of how Event Horizon 2012 was run, the missions, the setup and pre-tournament setting, please visit for all the juicy details. The other factors to include with this detail are the layout of the room (see inset photo) and how the terrain on the tables were setup. While we all may have differing opinions on the best way to provide terrain for a tournament, I think Denis and the boys did a good job given the task, and from the photos, you could describe the table setup and “NOVA-esk” for a comparison of other tournaments. Go to these blogs for NOVA 2011 photos: and The room was light and airy (read: slightly on the cold side with light coming in from windows in patches 🙂 ), with minimal impact to the players due to clutter or confined spaces. There were even additional tables setup between each set of gaming boards for the players to setup their models and store their kit under between games.

Denis ran the tournament from a long set of tables that were the home to the trophies and the TO’s desk. At any time, he was able to announce to players start times, warnings about time ending and anything else the players needed to know on the day. Again, minimal impact to the players, allowing to focus on the games. Lastly, the number of breaks allotted between games were more than sufficient to allow players to do a brist clean up and debrief with their opponent and even grab a bite to eat or take a dunny break (dunny = toilet in Aussie speak :P).

On to the stats, starting with the army breakdown for the tournament as promised!

Army breakdown:

Event Horizon 2012 Army Breakdown

Event Horizon 2012 Army Breakdown

The first chart indicates the armies used on the weekend and how many of each were present. I note at this point that a few people were not able to attend on Day 2. This would have skewed the stats a bit if I had included them for Round 4 onward, especially because these included some stronger players and armies. I’ve allowed for this by removing them from the stats from Round 4 onward. As such, this chart is at the start of the tournament from Round 1.

There’s not much I can say about these stats, the breakdown in tabular format is below. I will say that I expected more Grey Knight and less Dark Eldar armies. The other surprise is that only 2 Imperial Guard armies and only 2 Space Marine (generic) armies were present.

Army Number at EH2012
Space Wolves 6
Dark Eldar 5
Grey Knights 5
Blood Angels 4
Necrons 3
Chaos Space Marines 3
Imperial Guard 2
Eldar 2
Space Marines 2
Dark Angels 2
Tau 2
Daemons 1
Orks 1

The next post will cover round 2 and 3 and I’ll go into the results of the first 2 rounds.

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