Hobby Factory: Broadside Upgrade Kit! (and a few magnets)

Booya! The Broadside Upgrade Kits have arrived and I’ve clipped them off the sprues. If you don’t know about them, here is a quick synopsis:

1. The kit includes the original sculpt XV88 Broadside parts without the body section, arms, head or feet of the crisis suit

2.  They’re finecast

6 sets of Broadside Upgrade Kits

I splashed out and got 6 of them, figuring I needed 6 Broadsides in my army and with 7 crisis suit bodies to choose from, I decided to use those… but wait! Not only did I use the crisis bodies, I also made them INTERCHANGEABLE! In my last posts Hobby Factory: Magnets + Models = Magnetisation for the WIN! and Hobby Factory: More Magnets and Models (part 2) I show how I’ve magnetised the crisis suits and then added a few more magnets to use the bodies as Broadsides.

Broadside magnetised, taken from the rear :O

By accident, I realised I could even mount the Railguns on the back of the jetpack, as if it is stored while in transit. I think its rather cool 🙂 Still working on how I can put a magnet on the Twin Linked Missile Pods so they can be either mounted on the arms or the shoulders (whatever looks cool at the time ; ) ).

I’ll post again once complete to show all 6 fully magnetised.