Hobby Factory: More Magnets and Models (part 2)

Post number 2 of the series is more of an update and to show you what I’ve achieved with magnetising the Crisis suit models. The motivation for this comes from the fact that I don’t know what sort of build to use in my list, and seeing that XV88s are the bosses of the Tau army, I think I like the idea of having my suits interchangeable between XV8 options and XV88 options. What do I mean? Well let’s look at some photos that put the picture (pun intended) together for you.

Magnetised Crisis Suits Front

4 types of magnetised suits

These awesome foursome (Aussie joke there Winking smile) represent the different types and levels of magnet use. The first fellow at the back is your typical glue arm and weapon model. I started my magnet use on him by drilling spots for the wrists for 3mm magnets. I can then use any of the weapons (front and left). The next 3 suits I went much further with my dear friend on the left (he’s ‘armless haha!… ehem) receiving magnets not only on the wrists, but also on the shoulders and rear of the backpack (more on that later). With 6 magnets a piece on each of the front suits, they can take interchangeable weapon and wargear options on the wrists, shoulders and even on the back. On the table top, front-left, the plasma rifle, missle pod, arms and multi-tracker are all also magnetised. The centre model shows off my recently purchase Commander Upgrade kit with Cyclonic Ion Blaster attach by magnet to the right wrist, missle pod on the left wrist and multi-tracker on the left shoulder. There is room for a targeting array on the right shoulder too. The addition for this model is the magnet in the neck socket. Why you ask? I want to reposition the Commander’s head for another project, so the base of the helmet (neck) that fits into the socket has been replaced by the rounded head of a polished nail. The original nail is front-centre of the photo, with a cut off head close by. You may just be able to make out the round head of the one I used on base of the neck. Last, and by no means at all least, is the XV88 Broadside. I’ve again used the new Broadside Upgrade kit parts to showcase how the same magnets can be used for the XV88! The arms come whole and replace the originals, as do the feet. The key with the feet is that a Broadside is supposed to be heavier and less mobile, preferring to anchor down at its feet (the feet are modelled nicely, with hydraulic bolts on each side of the toes). This posed an interesting dilemma for me, as the clear stalks used to make the Crisis suits appear to hover wouldn’t fit the Broadsides sturdy demeanour. Again, I looked at what other bits came with the kit and converted the original bases to support the Broadside model in the “grounded” position. The only mistake I made was using the centre hole in the base, I should have used one of the side ones so that feet fit wholly on the base. Here is where the magnet placement really shines! The shoulder and backpack magnets can hold both the Railguns and allowed me to upgrade the backpack vents to the Broadside vents (I glued a piece of metal to the top of the vent which then holds the vent upgrade to the backpack).

Magnetised Crisis Suits Above

A better look at the locations of the magnets

This shot shows more closely the shoulder magnets and the neck piece magnet for the Commander head.

Magnetised Crisis Suit Cmdr and XV88

Commander and Broadside











A closer look at the Commander and Broadside configuration. It’s easier to see in this photo the rounded head of the nail I used for the Commander neck piece. This will come in handy when I take the next step: converting the arm sockets so they can be moved into different poses.

More to follow!

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