Hobby Factory: 2 new Chimera Transports for Imperial Guard

After sitting on the shelf for about 3 months, I’ve assembled 2 Chimera (Chimerae???) for my IG. These two babies are going to be used for my Veterans (they’re sick of riding around on a Basilisk with the gun ripped off…) and the other for my 3rd Platoon HQ unit (I was using the chassis of a Leman Russ temporarily, I wonder why they never got out??? hehe). That brings the total to 5 Chimera transports in the army, giving me quite a few  of strength 6 shots, not to mention the strength 5 Heavy Bolter shots.

2 Assembled Chimeras

2 new Chimera Transports – straight off the assembly line

I’ve added the dozer blade attachment as per my other ones. I’ll eventually add some magnets so they can come off if I’m trialing a different list without dozer blades. It also helps for fitting them in the foam storage case. Haven’t figured out a paint scheme just yet, but it will have blue and adeptus battle grey for sure!

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