Hobby Factory: Converted Chaos Space Marine Defiler

With the rumours of an impending Chaos Space Marine (CSM) release very soon, I pulled my Defiler out for some fresh air. The awkward nature of the model (all the legs and spiky bits) means that fitting him into a foam storage case is not economical, so I keep him on my shelf.

Defiler front

Insectoid Defiler from the front

This model was converted about 2 years ago now. I really wasn’t happy with the appearance of the original model and really liked the Brass Scorpion conversions that GW had showcased at the time. Along the same lines, I created my own version of the Defiler in more of a crab like format. I realise it only has 6 appendages which makes it more of an insectoid construction, but I still think it’s OK.

Defiler side

My what a big cannon you have!

The biggest issue I have with him is that the weight balance is quite far forward, which means he tends to tip forward, especially when I lift the arms off the ground. The best position is with one arm down to counter balance this. I haven’t glued the front arms, and want to magnetise them somehow… once I figure it out. 😛 Also the launcher needs to be mounted under-slung, but that shouldn’t be too hard with a magnet.

Defiler above

Looks more ‘craby’ from up here

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