Hobby Factory: Drones, Drones and more Drones

After setting aside a number of drones for conversion as shield drones, I put together the others as gun drones. Looking at their stats, it’s a pity they’re only BS2 because I like the concept of the Tau throwing them at their opponents, perhaps to pin them in place while the specialist units get into range. Alas at BS2, even with twin linked pulse carbines they come up short in the fire support department. There are some combos using marker lights that might work, but again, is it worth it?


Squadron ready to do… stuff

The question is not if it will work, because we all know it should, but is it worth doing? Is it worth buffing BS2 twin-linked pulse carbines to say BS3 or even 4? In order to do so, either a Firewarrior squad leader or pathfinders would have to markerlight the target before the drones have a go. I think the pathfinders is a waste of effort as they either get shot up badly or there are other better targets to mark with them instead. The synergy though between Firewarriors and drones may be worth while, but it comes at a premium. Not only does the markerlight cost extra, but you need to upgrade a Firewarrior to a leader as well. The extra points can be used to purchase other Firewarriors or even more drones, so it’s a big catch. Of course, it goes without saying that even after that, it requires a 4+ to hit with the markerlight before you can use it, so it may not work in the end anyway. Will have to test it out.

Drones 2

The swarm cometh

With the shield drones (next post), the squadron looks very swarm like. I take my inspiration from the Dawn of War game, where squadrons of drones can swamp targets and slowly whittle them down over time.

Drones 3

Ground level

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