Hobby Factory: Honoured Imperium (Part 2 of 2)


Heroic Prayer

“Hail the Space Marines!” he shouts emphatically, causing the nearest beggar to scamper away, dismally dragging what few belongings it had. He wondered leisurely at whether it was a woman or man under all that soiled cloth and what truly putrid creature inhabited those bedraggled  rags… “No matter” he mumbled, dismissing the thought as quickly as it had formed. It was not fitting for one of his station to think of such things, after all he was to shortly play benefactor to none other than Joseph Vissendon, the Imperial Governor  on this planet. As he walked past more of the monumental statues of once remembered heroes, he pondered his task with renewed vigour. It would not do to let the bewildering sights wrest the task from his mind, leading him to what would become a significant loss of honour within his father’s household. At the same time, his sense of honour meant he could not just walk past these deifying tributes to some of the Imperium’s greatest heroes without the appropriate course of action being taken. After some careful consideration Oran Merwitz van Neiden decided to offer a quick prayer to the Emperor that rather than kneeling and openly paying homage in front of the statues. As he finished his devotion, he glanced back at the 4 statues, dominating and imposing monoliths all, shaped by the finest artisans in the sector. They lined the concourse to the Imperial Court on Gereen and Oran couldn’t help but hope that although the scuttlebutt in court focused negatively on the impending news from the outer rim, that such heroes would always be ready and willing to aid those who believed and followed the Emperor’s will. Only time would tell.

by Russ @ WarhammerGateway.com

Honoured Imperium x4

It’s just like lining up ducks… umm… Space Marines in a row :p

Another weekend and the other 2 Honoured Imperium statues assembled. All four are ready for the next stage which is: Liquid green stuff (LGS)! Nothing worse on statues than lines from the moulding process or joins between the parts. LGS does a great job of hiding all the joins and covering the gaps, and it’s easily file/sand-able as well for a smooth finish.

Honoured Imperium Single

Statue and rubble barricade

One of my rubble barricades has gone “walk-about” meaning, I’m not sure where it is. It’s most likely in my terrain box with all the Imperial City buildings. As far as terrain goes, the barricades are quite smart and will offer infantry and tanks alike better fields of fire but also not reducing the cover the terrain affords at the same time. Since 6th Edhas set cover to be 25% of a model, it fits quite nicely I must say. The real advantage is for models that are lying down such as heavy weapon teams and those kneeling as well. All in all a great bit of kit for the tabletop.

Honoured Imperium 2 with box behind

One of them will look like the picture eventually

After the ‘boyz’ are smoothed over and  primed, I’ll have to figure out how I want to paint them. I don’t foresee I will be buying any more of these for myself, so I want to have a go at many different material types e.g. stone, metal, natural effects (such as marble) and metal effects such as verdigris, tarnish etc. I like the brass coloured one on the box, so that’s a must. I also like green marble, so will have to give that a go. There are heaps of tutorials for green marble around, given the Tomb Kings armies by GW and other hobbyists feature it heavily. The other stone will probably be a lighter sandstone type colour and effect and the other metal one… gold maybe? Unsure.

The 4 are modelled pretty much the same, as the majority of the model is static (it being a statue and all… hehe). The only bit I varied on two of the models are the head position. The moulding seems to want to have the chin tucked in with the head bowed down in repose. Either that or they’re looking at a dirt smudge on the back of the sword pommel… 😛 The other two heads I glued in place looking forward, which makes them look like them mean business.

Honoured Imperium from slightly above

Heads bowed on the left