Hobby Factory: Shield Drones

With a stack of drones and shields from the Crisis suit kits, I wanted to continue the flexibility for the Tau suit drones. The shields as per the other suit weapons and wargear were magnetised, allowing shields to be attached to various points on the arms and shoulders of the Crisis/Broadside suits. I want to use shield drones for the suits, especially the Crisis suits including the Commander and potentially for the Broadside in smaller games. The issue I faced was how to make the gun drone models into shield drones… There were a heap of designs, some from the interwebz on how to convert Tau shield drones, but I wanted something simple and yet unique. I personally don’t like the shield drone kits, they don’t feature the “shield” part enough or engender the feel of a “I have an invisible force field” effect model. In the end, I looked at my magnetised shields and thought “why not just attach the shields to the front of the drone like a mini drone shield?”. Simple enough an idea really, and invoked the right feel in the model, but how to attach the shield? The result was using a paper clip wire formed into a loop and having the rest act as a pin into the drone central piece. Although the wire looks a bit out of place when the shield isn’t on, it certainly does the job nicely! And I can even attach the pulse carbines on them at a later point if I’m not using them as shield drones… just the versatility I was hoping to achieve. I’m very happy with the outcome.

Oh yeah, I worked out that using a flash allows my phone camera to take much clearer photos, so that was an added bonus hehe 🙂

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