Hobby Factory: Tau assemble! or “what I need to assemble”

I’ve been slowly assembling my XV8 Crisis suits lately with XV88 Broadside conversions, but I’ve got quite a few other boxes to open for the army. In an effort to motivate to open each and assemble the models, I pulled them all down from the cabinet they were stacked on top of and here is what I’m up against.

Tau to put together

Tau galore

I’ve already opened and clipped through the battleforce sprues, next comes the remaining troops. After that, I’ll probably put together the Hammerheads and Piranhas so I can bolster the Broadsides I already have. I’ll eventually get around to the other Hammerhead, Sky Ray and Devilfish but there isn’t much of a call for them in my army at the moment with the Firewarriors and suits being more effective and durable.

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