Hobby Factory: Tau Stealth Suits

Give that I don’t yet have enough Firewarriors for my Tau, I revisited my lists and made them more WYSIWYG and in line with the models I have. Since 6th Ed has really boosted the Stealth Suits due to shrouding and stealth USR makes it more difficult to take them down, providing I’m not using my left handed dice (no offence to left handed people, its just the left handed dice I swear! :P).

Stealth Suits

Now you see them, now you don’t!

The one thing I changed on these models is the shoulder guards. The photos and instructions show the curved part of the guard toward the elbow, which didn’t fit right to me. I rotated it 180 degrees and it looked better, so kept the theme across all 3 of the models. Oh yeah, and I left the antenna off the top, it’s bound to get snapped off so I have to find a better place for it or a replacement method.

Stealth Suits 2

Before and maybe after, see what happens

The last thing I noticed about these models is the left arm… it’s kinda… superfluous! :/ Anyway, maybe I’ll convert them with some piece of tech gear in the future. For now, I think they look ok, so will get them ready for undercoating.

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