Google Pics: Skullzzzzzz

I often do searches for cool pics via google and find some interesting stuff. This is the first of a new series of posts on some my “interesting finds” over time.

Ever noticed that Warhammer Fantasy and 40k feature so many skulls?

Someone went to the effort of making these servo skull replicas (can you call it a replica when it’s not real?). Looks awesome to me as a fanboy toy.

Then we have all the models and terrain that feature skulls from Skulltaker (not a pun, that’s his name) being a Khorne Daemon herald who goes around killing champions and taking their skulls as trophies to the Temple of Skulls, a terrain piece called this because it’s dedication to Chaos has led to, yes you guessed it, skulls growing out of the very rock it’s make from.

And there is no shortage of skull covered artwork out there, some by GW artists, others by fans with some great talent.

And the greatest testament to skull based paraphernalia: The Skull Measuring Tape for 40k!

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