Hobby Factory: Converted Tau Pathfinders

The bonus with having purchased my Tau in bulk is that I’ve been left with alot of bits after and during the assembly process. I’ve liked the idea of Pathfinders from the outset, but still not sure of their playability. Hence, I wanted to put some Pathfinders together, at least for play testing. Rummaging around my bits box, I notice a bunch of spare legs, heads, arms, Pulse Carbines (Pulse Rifles having a longer range), and other items with the exception of: torsos. Not being one to shy away from a challenge, especially when so close to having a full set of bits to make more models, I found I had the upright spotter model from the vehicle kits in my bits. I don’t think the upright model suits the idea of pathfinders, so I cut off the torsos for re-use with my other bits. I had to shave down the back parts a bit, because the tubing etc was protruding quite a bit and I wanted to mount some sort of back pack on them. Given the Firewarrior kits provided the majority of the bits for these models, I didn’t want to put the shoulder pad on the Pathfinders, so instead I used it as their backpack. It also coves up the clipping/shaving job on the back of the torso, so worked well tieh the overall theme. Last of all, to act as their Markerlights, I shoulder mounted some clipped off gun sites to their shoulders for additional effect.

Below is the result, it will do until (or if) I decide to go with Pathfinders full time:

Pathfinders conversion

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