Hobby Factory: Imperial Guard Chimera colour scheme

It’s rare for me to pick up a brush these days as I’m focused on assembling models to clear out the space on top of my cupboard. A few weeks ago, I had kicked off a trial method of painting camouflage stripes on my IG vehicles. All of my vehicles are still at undercoat stage of painting, and I wanted to create a striped visual effect using a Space Wolf grey type colour. This would then match the similar colours on my troops (Adeptus grey armour with Shadow grey clothing). Shading was applied using a mix of drybrushing and shading afterward with a watered down black in order to highlight the rivets and grooves. Lastly, I don’t want my vehicles to look like they’ve spent their lives in a showroom, so I applied some scratch and light battle damage to the front armour.

IG Chimera front

IG Chimera front with damage

To make the stripes, I created a spraying template using some scrap MDF. I cut a long thin triangle into it using a Stanley knife. To add an extra little effect to the stripes, I then used clothes pegs to hold in place some fly screen mesh. I just used scraps I cut into shape with scissors to line the edges of the hole I cut previously in the board. This added a slight grid patter to some of the stripes.

mdf and mesh spray template

Spray template with mesh for effect

Even with a template, unless you’re precise about where you place your template on each vehicle, the results will always turn out different (spraying angles change leading to more spray getting on the vehicle or sometimes less). This suits be nicely, as I want each vehicle to have a variation on the pattern. I only applied the pattern to the front, top and side armour, leaving the back access hatch black. I imagine it would be important as a part of the realistic colour scheme, that in the heat of battle, the ordinance which typically sits behind the Chimeras would be able to make out their own tanks clearly by the defined back hatch. Last thing they’d want is a  “blue on blue”.

IG Chimera upper left view

IG Chimera Front and side view

I was quite happy with the blue/grey stripes effect from this process, so I dry brushed the stripes first with a Space Wolf grey lighter tone and then with Ulthuan Grey to pick out the edges. The black parts, left untouched during spraying the stripes, were drybrushed with Adeptus Battlegrey, then again mixing a little Ulthuan Grey in to pick out the edges. This also brought the tones of the black and blue grey stripes together, creating a blending effect to the eye. It was at this point, once all drybrushing was complete, that I washed the model with a black shade wash.

IG Chimera side view

IG Chimera side view

The last step was the battle damage and tracks. Not having modelled any more significant damage during assembly, I focused on “small arms fire” type damage, essentially to the paint work. I used 2 techniques to represent both solid projectile damage, which looks like harsh scratches and also a carbon scoring type damage, where a dark burn from laser fire sits over the metal of the hull. For the tracks I re-washed them with black and then applied Boltgun metal, and finally black wash over the top.

There are still a host of other details that need to be completed, but I’m happy with the overall effect. Comments welcome, what do you think?

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