Hobby Factory: Tau army at 75%

A quick update photo on the Tau so far. The total list of models here is (left to right, front to back):

1x 9 Gun Drones
3x 12 Firewarriors
1x 4 Half built Pathfinders (Converted) with Marker Drone
3x 1 Crisis suit (having a kip at the front right – ie lying down) with assorted magnetised weapons
1x 6 Stealth suits  with Marker Drone
2x 1 Piranha
2x 1 Devilfish
1x 1 Broadside (magnetised so interchangeable with Crisis suits)
1x 1 Commander Crisis suit
1x 2 Crisis suit (magnetised so interchangeable with Broadsides)
5x 1 Shield Drone
2x 1 Hammerhead gun-ships

Tau so far

Tau at about 75%

Remaining models to assemble:

2x 1 Crisis suit
2x 12 Firewarriors
2x 12 Kroot
1x 1 Skyray missile ship
1x 1 Hammerhead

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