Hobby Factory: Tau Hammerheads x2

The Tau army assembly continues with 2x of my Tau Hammerheads now complete (assembled). The chassis is the same as the Devilfish which is an easy kit to clip off the sprue, clean up and put together. I rather like the way the engines don’t require glue and swivel to make the model mode dynamic. The turret is also versatile in construction, nicely shaped and fits with the aesthetic of the model.

There are 2 issues with this model:

1. The barrel of the Railgun is split on the sprue (bit like a banana peel), and subsequently it’s easy for the barrel halves to warp on the sprue (again think of  a banana peel). This makes the gluing process a little sticky (pun intended) where you need to work the plastic a bit with your hands to bend it back in shape (without snapping it). To do this I applied friction to the halves so that it heated up (rubbed them quickly with my fingers) a bit, then gently bent them into shape. It was then that I glued the halves together

2. Once glued, the barrel is not balanced on the turret mount (pivot). It drops down if its not glued, which is beside the point in my mind. There are 2 options: a) when gluing the barrel halves, put something heavy in the ammunition box area of the Railgun or; b) use something to hold the barrel in a level position (for this I spun the turret hatch till it locked in place). Hard to explain, but you will see it if you try assembling the Hammerhead yourself.

Lastly, I put together the Ion Cannon to make them interchangeable (again, I like flexibility to changes weapon load-outs etc) and also the Burst Cannons in case I want to swap out the Missile Pods. The last thing to affect on the model for me is to bore some holes for the magnets that will allow the flexibility of taking Seeker Missiles and other options.

Hammerheads x2

It’s Hammer Time! (please, hold back your groans… 🙂 )

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