Hobby Factory: Tau progress – more Fire Warriors

I’ve resumed progress on my Tau Cadre over the last week or so. I had taken 2 more Fire Warrior squads off the sprue, and started by cleaning up the bits (flash and mould lines). It’s not my favourite part of the hobby… but has to be done in order to get a nice clean finish on the models before painting. I like to start with the weapons and options, choosing which I want to add to the squads. Then a work from the ground up, legs, torso and arms before I finish with the head and backpack.

Moving on to gluing, I start with all the legs onto the bases before adding the torso. I usually like to wait at least an hour before starting the arms. My favourite arms/weapons are the Pulse Rifle in the firing position against the shoulder, though I’ve found I need to trim the arm join to get the angle right with the left arm position. No big deal, I just trim a bit with my cutters.

I’ll explain the rest when I have photos of the whole lot done, below are some WIP photos from the other day.

WIP area - Tau bits

WIP area – lots of mess šŸ™‚

Tau WIP - Fire Warriors

20 new Fire Warriors… or at least most of them

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