Questions Series: What happened to all the Primarchs?

In this new series, I’ll ask questions which hopefully (one day), will be answered in a future post.

The first question I pose is: What happened to all the Primarchs?

This is a different question to “what is there current status” which multiple sources can assist with. For instance shows us the current status of each of the Primarchs, summarised here (Number denotes Legion No.):

1 Lion El’Jonson – Alive on The Rock
3 Fulgrim – Daemon Prince
4 Perturabo – Daemon Prince
5 Jaghatai Khan – Disappeared into the Webway
6 Leman Russ – Disappeared into the Eye of Terror
7 Rogal Dorn – Dead
8 Konrad Curze – Dead, assassinated
9 Sanguinius – Dead, slain by Horus
10 Ferrus Manus – Dead, slain by Fulgrim
12 Angron – Daemon Prince
13 Roboute Guilliman – Mortally wounded, in stasis
14 Mortarion – Daemon Prince
15 Magnus the Red – Daemon Prince
16 Horus – Dead, slain by the Emperor
17 Lorgar – Daemon Prince
18 Vulkan – Disappeared, unknown
19 Corax – Disappeared, unknown
20 Alpharius Omegon – Unknown, one reported killed by Roboute, but not enough evidence to support this

The above also gives us context about the death or dissappearance of some, but it doesn’t explain for these what happened or what drove this event. There are some of the above that have been explained, which I will answer in my next post.

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