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I feel like I struck gold the other day. While browsing my local games store, I found a pile of Dreadfleet boxes off to one side. While this wasn’t unusual in itself, there was a special sign on it to a much reduced price. I should suffice to say “I couldn’t resist” and bought the game. I’ve liked the game since it was first released, however like Space Hulk, I resisted buying it because I don’t have anyone to play it with. It would be just another collectors item in my mountain of collected stuff… WHATEVER! 🙂

Games Workshop's : Dreadfleet

Games Workshop’s : Dreadfleet ” the game of naval warfare on the turbulent seas of the Warhammer world “

I’ve started putting together the ships, and so far I have most of the “Dreadfleet” (baddies) put together. I’ve intentionally, left the Allied fleet till last, as they appeal to me the most aesthetically. The things that impress me about the game are:

1. Mould lines are very slight and could be ignored by a novice hobbyist. I like to trim them as per usual.

2. The battle mat (represents the sea) is night quality and gives the feel of playing on real water.

3. The scenery pieces are rather cool, skull islands and volcanoes being just some of the features on them that give that ominous feel as well as obstacles to play around during the game. I’m not 100% across the rules yet, but I can see that when in use, they lead to additional tactics and strategies being employed.

4. The models are rather easy to put together and have very good joins.

5. They give you a pile of zip lock plastic bags to put the pieces in, more than required which means I can use them to storing bits of other models I’m working on.

I’ve been checking out some start vids, with Games Workshop’s release videos being a good starting point. For the uninitiated, this vid has a good summary:

I’ll leave you with a photo of the Dreadfleet ships put together so far and wish you a good sea journey!


Dreadfleet WIP

Dreadfleet WIP

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